Hundreds of Healthcare Professionals applauded I Care’s Bariatric Fusion, The Platinum Sponsor of 2nd GOSS 2014


Bariatric Fusion, Saudi Arabia’s private medical and healthcare regional provider was a proud platinum sponsor of the 2nd Annual Gulf Obesity Surgery Society (GOSS) meeting in Dubai, UAE during 10th – 13th Dec 2014, hosted by the Emirates Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Groups.

The Annual GOSS Meeting was the region’s premiere educational platform in the field of bariatric surgery where practitioners, researchers and allied healthcare professionals (HCP’s) came to learn, network, and attend an excellent and impressive 127 scientific program and sessions.

Bariatric Fusion was introduced by ICARE Co. to more than hundreds of attendees that included surgeons, physicians, dieticians, doctors, consultants, and healthcare experts comes from around the world from different sectors private , and public.

Bariatric Fusion provides the most complete line of bariatric vitamins and nutritional bariatric supplements for all weight loss surgery patients (gastric bypass, lap band and sleeve gastrectomy). Bariatric Fusion products were designed and formulated by medical professionals and offer the most convenient, affordable and best tasting products available with research to prove its effectiveness.

Bariatric Fusion offers a full selection of Bariatric Protein for obesity patients as meal replacement with a quick way of receiving high quality bariatric protein and vitamins. The Bariatric Proteins include fiber and the essential minerals that the human body requires after weight loss surgery. Our bariatric proteins are formulated specifically for Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, Lap Band, VBG, BPD and DS patients. Available in three different shapes, and seven flavors.

In addition to protein line Bariatric Fusion provides a comprehensive selection of Bariatric Chewable Vitamins and Mineral Supplements, and Soft Chews to prevent common micro-nutrient deficiency after bariatric surgery, in addition to Sublingual B12, Dry Vitamin D, and Iron Soft Chews Supplements.

Bariatric Fusion modified fusion diets to assist pre and post-operative, non-surgical patients looking for weight management, and advised for those who encounter food intolerances early after surgery. Fusion Diet is a lifelong approach to help all improve their health and maintain a healthy weight loss through a gradual process.

The attendees who visited the Bariatric Fusion corner were impressed and eager to the availability such a product in the area, while trying the samples, as there’s increasing demand for bariatric products and the representative at the corner addressing their specific inquiries, simultaneously the HCPs highly recommended Bariatric Fusion wide and comprehensive products to their patients.

During the GOSS meeting the attendees visited the corner every day with curiosity to explore more bariatric fusion products, where the representative where ‘on the go’ to serve the delighted potential customers. It is worth mentioning that Bariatric Fusion is the Exclusive Distributor for Bariatric Fusion products in the Middle East and GCC Countries, gaining first mover advantage. Bariatric Fusion believes that for a company to be successful over the long term and create value for shareholders, it must create value for society too.

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