My name is Kathleen. I had gastric bypass surgery 5 years ago and have successfully maintained my weight loss of over 100 lbs. Before Bariatric Fusion, I tried several other bariatric vitamins but was always disappointed. At one point, I was taking up to 8 pills per day and still not getting all the recommended bariatric vitamins I needed to maintain my health. As a busy mom and full-time professional, I can’t compromise on my health. So, I was thrilled when I found Bariatric Fusion. These gastric bypass vitamins meet all my bariatric vitamin needs, are chewable and delicious. Bariatric Fusion has become—and will remain—a daily part of my active, healthy lifestyle.

- Kathleen

Hello. My name is Suzie Gortzig. I had gastric bypass about one year ago and I have lost 137lbs and still going!!! Since I have been taking Bariatric Fusion I feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life. It comes in two flavors and they both taste great! I had blood work done last week and my doctor gave me “two thumbs up”. I love the fact that Bariatric Fusion was created by people who take care of gastric bypass patients and not someone sitting in a lab. Thank you soooo much Bariatric Fusion!!!!!
- Suzie Gortzig

Hi, my name is Katie Stachowiak. I had GB 6 years ago and I have maintained a weight loss of over 100lbs. I have been taking Bariatric Fusion 4 times a day religiously. I love the taste and take the orange cream in the morning and the mixed berry at night. The travel bottle was a great bonus! I have a busy schedule and it really comes in handy. I would highly recommend Bariatric Fusion to any weight loss surgery patient.
 – Katie Stachowiak

I am Lisa Naylon and I am a gastric bypass patient. My surgery was four years ago and I have lost 140lbs. I am also a registered nurse and take care of gastric bypass patients everyday. I can’t believe that there is finally a chewable bariatric vitamin that tastes good and has everything I need. The doctors and dieticians in the hospital are really impressed with the ingredients and the taste of Bariatric Fusion and now we recommend it to all of our patients. This bariatric vitamin is one of a kind and the best on the market. I love my life and love my Bariatric Fusion!
- Lisa Naylon

I just wanted to thank you for coming to our support meeting last night. Everyone really enjoyed your presentation, the 6 minutes of exercise, as well as the question and answer period. You did an awesome job, as usual. My members enjoyed the evening very much! —The Bradford Support Group, Bradford PA

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