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Vitamin Information |

Vitamin Information

Bariatric Fusion® is a bariatric vitamin and mineral supplement designed and formulated by a Bariatric Surgical Team to meet the needs of their patients. This chewable supplement provides the highest amounts of what the team believes are the key micronutrients vital for weight-loss surgery patients. The unique, all-inclusive formula uses the most biologically available vitamins and minerals to maximize absorption. Offered in five great-tasting flavors, Bariatric Fusion® gives patients their necessary Fuel4Life and is the new standard in bariatric vitamins and bariatric supplements.

  • Custom bariatric vitamins and mineral supplement for the adult patient
  • Designed by a team of medical professionals for their patients
  • Cost effective—no other supplements needed
  • Contains the highest amounts of calcium, B12, biotin, and Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B12 in the most readily available form—methylcobalamin
  • All minerals in chelated form for better absorption
  • 100% sugar free—sweetened with sucralose
  • Contains the most biologically available form of important micronutrients
  • No Vitamin K to interfere with anti-coagulants
  • A flavor for everyone—orange cream, mixed berry, strawberry, wild cherry, or tropical.

Bariatric Vitamins- Why Chewable?

Bariatric vitamins and mineral supplementation after gastric bypass surgery is critical in maintaining proper health and micro-nutrition. Micro-nutrient deficiency is the most common side effect from this procedure do to the malabsorptive component of gastric bypass. This typically occurs in approximately 21% of patients. Some frequently seen deficiencies include: iron, B12, folate, and calcium. Side effects when lacking in these important nutrients include: easy bruising, loss of hair, and lack of energy. Taking a chewable multivitamin is the easiest and most effective way of reducing the risk of micro nutrient deficiencies in the body after gastric bypass surgery.

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